Friday, February 17, 2012

Reflections on Valentines Day

Earlier this week I did a post on my reflections on Valentines on the Project 44 blog. First time I was being a guest blogger those I could not understand why someone would want my pedestrian writing on their blog. I also hear I could have been hard on the ladies. For those who missed it on the Project 44 blog, click on the image to the link to Project 44 and leave your comments there (or here if you prefer).


  1. I enjoyed your article over at Project 44 and I left a longish and serious comment. Thanks for taking time to write about it. I remember Valentine's Day as a child. It was a children's day back then and used for children to send Valentine's cards to one another in their own classrooms, write a poem for mom, have a classroom dance, make decorations and perhaps have some cake or cookies in the shape of hearts. All innocent and dare I say, fun, things.

    Today however, Valentine's Day has become yet another commercial opportunity, much like Hallowe'en (which I abhor), Christmas, even Easter.

    I hope you're doing well and that you've been able to start at the pool ;-)

  2. I enjoyed your post - I'll comment here though.

    I must be one of those odd women form whom Valentines Day has never really registered as being important. Personally I cannot stand all the cheap tawdry sentiments that abound ...

    A friend of mine told me this story on Weds night - he had been invited to his sisters house the evening before, he went and whilst waiting for his siter to get ready his brother in law suggested they pop down to the pub for a quick drink. They arrived at the pub to find it was all Valentine themed - the waitress took one look at them and beamed a welcome "Will you be wanting the Valentines menu?" Hasty retreat for two red-faced men.

  3. Thank you for being a guest writer and I dare say that it was a great experience for you and of course for us - that says your writing is not pedestrian! It has generated a lot of discussion.

    @ Joyful and Jane, thanks for visiting and we hope you'll visit again.