Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Of Coming Back (for lack of a better term)...

It has been a while since I was here, a combination of several factors. First, I have been on the move, it terms of jobs. I have said good bye to Media Focus on Africa and been welcomed at FilmAid, where I actually used to work before I moved to Media Focus. That of course meant being super busy as I wound up my work at Media Focus and therefore meant less time for blogging. But I must admit that I have also not really felt up to it. It has been one of those days (many days) when you promise yourself that you will drag yourself to the computer and jot down something, but then you dont. But hey, blogging is not a matter of life and death. Unless you are being paid to do it! Oh, and the Olympics of course! Why should I sit down jotting something for the blog when I could be watching the Olympics? And I think I could say that I am proud of having been converted to a new sport as well, whoever thought that one day I would be glued to my television set watching diving? The greatest moment for me was however on the track, especially the men's 100m! And of course to see David Rudisha break a world record on his way to winning the 800m. On another note, I also lost my phone and my valuable contacts to Nairobi's smart...thuggish ones. I feel victim to one of the oldest tricks in the book, a trick that I am very conversant with, but then instincts are instincts, not brains. I was in traffic, going through my twitter timeline (the traffic, as usual, was at a standstill) when someone banged the car from behind. I turned my head back, instinct, and before I knew it, another hand was inside the window making a grab for the phone. I did not have a chance. I don't care much about the phone, it was pretty old, but the contacts and data. Note to self: stop relying too much on technology and look up the word "back-up". I will not promise myself much for now, in terms of writing, but once I ease myself into my new work station and get my life back on a rhythm, I am sure I will be back.