Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I want to Vomit

This year has found me almost declaring a total boycott of mainstream media. I have however decided for the time being not to watch the news, especially the so-called prime time news. Reason? Everytime I watch the news, especially what is happening on the political scene, I actually feel depressed and my evening is done. I find that I can no longer even speak to my wife. When I saw that Kimunya had been re-appointed, I felt sick, I wanted to vomit. And as if that was not enough, I see Raila saying on TV saying that ODM was not party to that...please excuse us!! Why not take a walk if you are principled?

It is very painfully seeing all this nonesense going around with our politicians yet feeling like there is nothing that you can do. Kenya has become a place that not even public demonstrations are tolerated. You huddled together 5 people in the middle of town and the next thing you know is that the police will be lobbying teargas. I will not be surprised if one of these days I hear that tear gas has mistakenly been fired at a sports event or a religious gathering as there seems to be a very deep fear of crowds by this PNU/ODM dictatorship.

I know it is diabolical to wish harm to others but several a time I have found a smile on my face when I have imagined a terrorist bombing in parliament when all our thugs are gathered there. Apologies for the rant!