Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Reflections (For 2012)

It is that time of the year when we all reflect on the year that has been and try and put together what we are looking forward to in the new year. In as much as I'd like to avoid this, I discover that I am no different from the rest of ordinary folk and my mind inadvertently gets drawn to this exercise.

My first instinct was to think that this has not been a very good year for me, because it really has not. It has been full of a lot of frustrations. But then when I think about it, I realize that there are actually lots of small moments of joy. Sometimes we tend to look at only the big things and base our successes and failures on this, and then we miss the lots of small beautiful moments, which when placed together, overshadow the unhappy dark moments.

For example I think that I ought to be thankful for just being alive. This year I lost my grandma early in the year, and my first cousin mid this month -- so I recall their bodies lying in their coffins and think that I should be happy just being alive! I also thought that I had experienced a bad year professionally, especially at my former place of work. Since I started working some 11 or so years ago, this year had been the most challenging, and the one without joy. But then I think I was able to transition so quickly to another workplace  when I made up my mind to move on - a luxury that very few can afford to have. Yes, I had to take a pay cut but how many people actually earn a living from work? Many are without jobs or livelihood. And I also remember that any depressing moment in the office is quickly forgotten when I get home to be with my daughters...and their mother of course! Thinking about their mother, I know of a number of my friends who have had serious problems with their relationships, some have even separated this year. So I am glad that "me and my wife" are still going strong!

Ok, I will not dwell on the struggling business or debts that threatened to go out of control but looking forward to 2013, there are very few things that I would wish for:

That I continue with my current mantra "Just Do It! It is easier to get forgiveness than permission" - this has served me quite well in keeping me moving forward.

That I actually make time to get back to reading -- and reading all your blogs that I enjoyed reading in 2011 and the first part of 2012 before I fell off the blogosphere

That I look happier than I looked this year!

Ok, there -- I have done my part in reviewing the year and sharing resolutions!