Monday, November 8, 2010

Found Photos: Last day in Dadaab

Look at what I just found in my computer! These are some pictures from my last visit to Dadaab refugee camp, sometimes in June this year. Dadaab is currently reported to be the worlds largest refugee camp, with over 300,000 refugees, mostly from Somalia, cramped in.

This is how the roads look like.

I first went to Dadaab in 2005 when I began working for FilmAid International.

Posing for a photo with FilmAid staff and refugee volunteers in IFO. Dadaab refugee camp is actually three separate refugee camps, Hagadera, Ifo and Dagahaley.

With staff in Hagadera. Hagadera is the most politicized of the camps and one of the most difficult camps to work in.

This picture is part of a campaign against sex and gender based violence (SGBV). SGBV is quite rampant in the somali refugee camps.

Hanging out with staff

If you cannot eat goat meat in Dadaab, then you will probably starve to death. Tearing into goat meat with Jackie whom I had just introduced as FilmAid's Program Manager in Dadaab.

My last task in Dadaab was to do a jig with Victor and Somali musicians before dashing for my flight. That jig almost cost me a missed flight!


  1. Hehehe. I'm still stuck at you getting jiggy and the pilot hooting at you to get moving before traffic hits. Wait, is there traffic in the skies? You know, Thika Road style *blank stare*.

    I can't get over how widely traveled you are! You must be the luckiest person I know.

  2. It was great to hear about your work at Dadaab. I don't think I've heard of it before. I'm guessing it is located somewhere in northeast Kenya with so many Somalis. I wish you had a movie clip of your jig as I didn't know they did jigs in Kenya ;-)

  3. Caro, there is no much traffic up there because the traffic lights work well and the cops are well organized!

    Joyful, Dadaab is just a few kilometers to the Somali border. I too wish I had a movie clip! :)

  4. he he he...those were the days...i had actually forgotten about the jig. i am sure Jackie will love the photo of you and her tearing into hapless goats...

  5. Victor, I miss the Bore Hole goats!

  6. Stuff I'd pay millions for? A youtube link of you singing 'aduunyadu waa maalma qura ee dadkaan yay xumaanta kugu sacaba tumin ee ka fiirso ma gartay waana iga waano qaado.....'

    That is if that was the language at all.

  7. Hi Charles, I have to leave my question here as I don't have an email for you. I came across this foundation in Mathere slums today. I am wondering if you have heard of them or work with them in your work with Film Aid.

    I've also heard that the government is moving people out of the Kibera. Do you know if this is also the plan for Mathare? I am asking as I was hoping to sponsor a child there but I would like to find out what is happening first.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  8. Coincidentally I found this article on line today dealing with the issues at Dadaab. It ran yesterday in the NY Times.

  9. Hey Joyful, I have heard of Mwelu foundation, worked with some of their members and seen their work. They are a good organization and work with young people and photography in mathare. I have not heard anything about moving pple out of the slums, especially mathare, if there were such plans I'd have heard about it! my address is otienohongo@gmail should you want to talk about this further.

  10. @Shiko, I will do a step or two for you when I visit mombasa, or when you visit nairobi, whichever comes first...looking forward to making my first millions!

  11. hehehe i was in DDB a while ago. That ka-place you were ni 'borehole'? :))))