Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cat Herders Day and other Weird Days Observed Around The World

A few days ago I noticed that some people in the world were observing the INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY (might as well write it in caps), or something like that (actually it is celebrated twice a year, October 22 and June 28. I could not imagine what one is supposed to do on that day, do all your typing in upper case? Keep on computers locked on caps lock mode? Maybe people who value the caps lock have been oppressed for ages and this was a day to agitate for their rights? A few months ago, I also noticed that some people marked an international day for the left handed. Among some of the issues I heard being discussed were the possible agitation for factories to manufacture scissors for the left handed and have tailors make trousers with inverted zippers to make it easier for the left handed to zip up and down!

I got thinking, so how many crazy or weird holidays are out there? I decided to find out and what started off as a quick Google search ended up with me rolling on the floor with laughter and serious rib ache! The following are some of the gems I found:

January: National Hugging Day, Squirrel Appreciation day, Organize Your Home day, Bubble Wrap Appreciation day

February: World Thinking day, Adopt A Rescued Rabbit month, Working Naked day, Chocolate Mint Day, World Marriage day, Blame Someone Else day, International Pancake day

March: What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs day, Panic Day, Middle Name Pride day, International Goof-Off day, Bunsen Burner day

April: International Pillow Fight day, World Rat day, New Beers Eve, Baby Massage day, No Housework day, International Moment of laughter day, Blah! Blah! Blah! day

May: Respect for Chickens day, National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, No Homework day, No Pants day, Stay Up All Night day, Blame Someone Else Day

June: Leave The Office Early day, Crowded Nest Awareness day, Please Take My Children To Work day, Ugliest Dog day, "In God We Trust" day, Bugs Bunny day, Sense of Smell day

July: International Chicken Wing day, I Forgot day, International Cherry Pit Spitting day, Take Your Webmaster to Lunch day, Don't Step on A Bee day, Cow Appreciation day, Take Your Houseplant for A Walk Day

August: Bad Poetry day, International Nagging day, Presidential Joke day, Work Like A Dog day

September: Talk like a Pirate Day, How Much longer Day, Hug A Vegetarian Day,

October: Guardian Angel day, National Kick Butt day, International Moment of Frustration Scream day, Be Bald and Be Free day, World Toy Camera day, Information Overload day, iPod day, Checklist day

November: National Men Make Dinner day, Sandwich day, Use Your Common Sense day, World Toilet day, Maize day, Flossing day

December: Bathtub day, Cat Herders day, National Whiner's day, Make Up Your Mind day

I came across these days from several sites but one of the most comprehensive site was Most of the crazy days are of course observed in the US but quite a number are international! Some of my favourites were Cat Herders day, I Forgot day, and Leave The Office Early day. Which were yours and what other crazy days have you come across?


  1. wow, there sure are a lot of "days" I've never heard of. You did well to compile such a list and give the rest of us a laugh. Now if only more of them were holidays for the worker bees. LOL

  2. Joyful, yes if they were actual holidays I am sure we'd hardly work!

  3. we will be celebrating World Rat Day in a few days! anyway, everyday is a holiday! :)