Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time at FilmAid, Part I

Now that I have just moved from FilmAid where I worked for 5 years, I thought I could post some of my moments from my time with FilmAid. The moments are many and I cannot do it in one post, so here are a few random pics I just found and hopefully over the next few days, I will add some more interesting stuff in an organized way.

Evening screening in Kakuma refugee camp, for many evenings the highlight of refugees in the camp. When I was program manager between 2006 and early 2007, I got to see so many of these evenings

Somewhere deep in Duk county in Southern Sudan sometimes in 2007. This was in one of the "cattle camps"

Those days accomodation was in tents, this is Panyagor. Wonder if things have changed three years later

Posing for a photo by the Nile in Juba

Saying good-bye to Kakuma in 2007 as I came to replace my boss (Natalia) in Nairobi

Posing with some camp leaders, these are the ruins of a once resplendent Governors' house and later State House in the self declared state of Somaliland. It was bombed to ruins by the Siad Barre regime. I visited in late 2007. by then it was housing refugees and IDPs.

This is part of the State House camp

Standing among the debris in Haiti. This was April this year as FilmAid set up a program in Haiti.

Evening screening being set up in Port Au Prince, Haiti

Screening in Jacmel, Haiti


  1. Very interesting. I'd never heard of FilmAid before. Where are you now?

  2. @Joyful, that shows we never did our publicity very well!! Anyway, moved to Media Focus on Africa, they are based in Nairobi and the Netherlands