Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Stupidity of Our Politicians...

For long I have taken the cliche that we deserve the leaders we have with a pinch of salt until recently. Not only did the Matuga By Elections confirm this, but it has also now confirmed another one of my fears. I have always thought that Kalonzo Musyoka, Kenya's vice president, looks a bit silly, even possibly stupid, and despite lots of evidence that could have confirmed this, I resisted the urge to say so with some finality. Until I saw him on news last night.

It was a story on the Matuga by election and Kalonzo was on the campaign trail. I could not believe my eyes when I heard him convince the people of Matuga that the flag that Makwere had been flying before his election was annulled (the fact that he was a minister) was not really his (Makwere's) but it actually belonged to the people of Matuga, and therefore they should not let it go. I figured out no wonder Makwere's performance as a minister was so dismal, he was not a minister for the country but rather for his constituency. All the more reasons why I will vote YES for the draft...Though I was sad that Makwere was actually re-elected, at least I got to confirm one thing once and for all, Kalonzo Musyoka is actually stupid


  1. Yes he is. i agree. He has displayed most of it on national tv without shame! He is never genuine and can never be trusted!

  2. He is indeed. As are many others. infact, sometimes I think studipidy is needed for one to qualify as a politician. We have too many of them in Kenya. We need to constantly remind them that they are stupid, lest it becomes the SI measure for politics