Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Happened to Rev. Musyimi?

A few years ago Rev. Musyimi was being touted as potential presidential candidate, until of course Raila declared 'Kibaki Tosha!'. Last year the man of cloth retired from the church and plunged into politics, eventually becoming the Gachoka MP via PNU. When the country eraptued into post election violence, nothing much was heard from the man who had been touted the voice of reason. When there was a cabinet formation stalemate, the chap was missing in action. At the height of the Kriegler and Waki report debates, the man is conspicously absent. When the public is raising an outcry against MPs fight not to be taxed, mum is the word for the good Reverend. When is this guy going to speak?

It looks like the comforts of Kenya's Parliament is such that even the best intentioned of fella's tongues gets tied. And he is not the first man who has gone to Parliament with the public's great expectations only to go silent. I have also been trying to watch the likes of Ababu Namwamba, Shakeel Shabir, Millie Odhiambo and Kabando wa Kabando but so far I am not impressed. Looks like the mabadiliko we all craned for is not going to happen soon. We need an Obama to emerge here but when I look at the horizon, I cant' see anybody. Can someone please drop me a name?

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  1. Hi there, I don't know the politics of Kenya but do find it interesting. I'll be back to read your blog. Take care.