Friday, November 21, 2008

The Fear to "Name"

Just to follow up on what Oby (quoted below) mentioned in response to the Obama article posted...

"I do not belive this. Did you notice how many times the pronoun 'we' is used? I do not agree with this collective implication. It is not true that WE killed Tom Mboya, Pinto, JM or Ouko. Everybody know WHO did that and trying to make us all feel guilty for that I protest. This is part of the problem we suffer from, refusing to put the blame squarely where it belongs." - Oby

Just to follow up on what Oby (quoted) mentioned in response to the Obama article posted...

For some reasons we feel comfortable in making everything collective, and there seems to be a phobia in naming things or people by name. For example when Kikuyus and Kalenjins fight in Kuresoi, the media will often say "two communities", yet we know who these are. There is a general fear in the political community in terms of confronting realities head on. We are now witnessing this in the circus being played out in the Waki report saga...

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  1. Indeed, Kenyans do not only fear to name the culprits but are also docile. This is one kind of culture that have buffled me. That one does something tragic and is covered up even by the affected one. Why, pray, would someone fear mentioning that so and so killed?

    The day we shall stand up to saying the truth, Kenya will be liberalised. As at now, we may sing liberty, liberty to no avail. Our minds are under captivity and we suffer from "self-enemity" if there exists such an ailment.