Monday, July 25, 2011

Boy and Seven Things

It has been a while since I posted anything here, this is what happens when you get quite busy and don't have much to write about...ok, I have stuff to write about but just have not had the time. Anyway, a few days back I got to watch Taika Waititi's film Boy, and I will not be exaggerating when I say this is one of the best films I have watched in a long time. I am not saying this just because I had the privilege of meeting Taika and hosting him on a Q and A session after the screening of the film during the launch of the FilmAid and Film Forward / Sundance Institute festival in Nairobi but if you have ever seen a film done so simply, with crazy illustrations and fantasy yet still serious enough to drive home some universal values, then this is it.

If you can get your hand on this film, I definitely recommend it!

While I was away, one Woolie did a blog post and decided to tag me on it. Now I have been tagged on these kind of posts before (I must say am quite indifferent to this types of posts) and generally ignored them with the exception of one. Anyway, I thought why don't I indulge Woolie because she runs a good blog and so here I am (rather sheepishly I must add - no pun intended Woolie). These are the so called rules

Thank and link back to the person who posted you the award.
Share seven things about yourself
Spread the Love and honour
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

I have actually done the first one already I think. I will do the second one and then pretend I did not notice the last two. Seven things about myself

1. I don't believe in organized religion (but strangely believe in both the creation story and the fact that the world has evolved over 4.5 billion years)

2. Contrary to perception that all Luos are in love with fish, it is one of my least favorite dishes

3. I am quite shy and fear being in front of crowds - despite the fact that I have been a stage actor, storyteller and recited poetry to packed auditoriums. I am quite lousy at making friends as a result.

4. My secret ambition is to be a writer - everything else is just but marking time (over 30 years and 2 kids later!)

5. I find snakes beautiful (but would still love to eat one cooked in a proper way! - ok, just kidding about the eating part)

6. I once starved that I ate bread gone stale with mould and untreated water

7. I really did not believe I could come up with 7 things about me

Now y'all can tag yourselves and enjoy!


  1. This looks a brilliant film - thanks for the heads up.

    I'm not much into the awards thing myself, can never think of 7 things to say about myself!

  2. Glad to read a post here, OtienoHongo. Hope you've been well. Enjoyed reading your 7. Now, I know a bit more of you apart from what I know from your posts. Now that you are already writing, you should try and start some serious writing. I wish you the best for that.

    Have a good remainder of the week.

    Joy always,

  3. This is muy fascinating...Susan's right; get started on n.o 4 soonest :-)

  4. Jane, the film is brilliant and I highly recommend it.

    Susan, thanks for the encouragement

    Nyambura, thanks. Looking forward to soonest!

  5. You find snakes what?! Uonekaniwe. Hehe

    I think you ate a lot of fish growing up mpaka you don't like it so much nowadays.

  6. Hi - have to get back to you and let you know that I watched the film this evening and really enjoyed it.

    Thanks for the recommendation

  7. Mrs Mwiti, watching Animal Planet, NatGeo Wild and Discovery channel did that, lots of shows about snakes! I also did not eat much fish growing up...

    Jane, you are welcome

  8. Yikes! Is all I have to say.

  9. Tulip, all you have to say is yikes!? How inspiring! Now consider yourself tagged!

  10. First, I did get to catch the film of The Boy called Boy and it was insanely hilarious! Second, erm... snake soup anyone? :D Ps: I seem to be getting over the squirmish phase of my life and I am noticing the beauty on snakes.

  11. You once starved and ate stale bread? That is very sad!SMH
    But I like snakes too... like to watch them feed.

  12. Where is this you starved that much? Pole.

    My points were also 6 but nobody seemed to notice. And guess what the 7th was. Lets call it deleted scenes: 'I’m not very religious. I grew up in between two organized religions but I neither fully understand nor buy the doctrines of either. I however lean more towards Christianity as far as the naming, schooling and other formalities are concerned'.

    Adios. As I try to figure you out as shy.

  13. Carol, snake soup?
    Wyndago, you like to watch snakes feed? I hope not when feeding on a human being!
    Shiko & Wyndago - I will not comment on the starving story lest I go into depression but there will be a post about it maybe later in the year, or next year, or the year after...

  14. Always good to hear from you. I read this post awhile back but didn't have time to leave a comment! I too enjoyed your 7. To me blogging is writing so I hope you continue and like Susan says, you should start some serious (I call it 'other') writing :-) Like anything else we want to do, I guess we need to make an appointment with ourselves. I hope to do this one day too. The film sounds good. I don't know if we could find it here but it's worth a check around.

  15. p.s. I'm not into the award thing either. I tried it in early days of blogging. Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Great post. I enjoyed reading your 7(6). Interesting thing is that I used to love fish until I developed a latter-day-allergy to all seafoods, cashewnuts and pistachios. I have to be careful too with Onions and ndaniya. I look forward to reading more from you becase you do write very well.

  17. Joyful, you will not regret buying or renting it.

    Woolie, thanks for always stopping by. Sorry about the allergies!