Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Best of Makmende

The last few days I have laughed myself to almost death point as I have read various tweets on the mystical powers of Kenya's new superhero, Makmende. I have therefore decided, like many .ke bloggers to compile a list of some of my best of Makmende. Here they are
1. Makmende can touch Mc Hammer
2. Makmende is peeing all over Nairobi, some are calling it rain
3. Makmende can tweet 141 letters on twitter
4. When Makmende was a mono, the school principal used to wash his clothes
5. Makmende never tweets but everybody retweets him
6. Makmende hangs his clothes on his safcom line
7. Makmende gets his vitamin C from his orange line
8. Makmende cant tell time, he simply decides what time it is
9. Makmende does not need a twitter account because he is already following you
10.Makmende does not get old with time, time gets old with Makmende
11. Makmende can drink Omusakhulu's boilin tea straight from the sufuria and negotiate that man maish's horrible pothole

There are plenty more Makmende's that I read out there and it really amazes me how people have been so creative with the dude. Waiting to see if Just A Band will cash it on the craze!

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