Friday, February 5, 2010

From Kakuma to Lodwar

Last week I traveled by road from Kakuma to Lodwar in Turkana. Here are some pictures of whatever I saw on the road. Not a professional camera and in a moving car so don't mind the quality.

This is the Kakuma airstrip. Mostly used by UNHCR flights ferrying aid workers working at the refugee camp.

IOM flights carry refugees to Nairobi either for medical attention or resettlement cases destined for Europe, the US or Australia.

The road to Lodwar

Nice scenery!

Into the hills

Getting into Lodwar

Lodwar Airport! Finally...


  1. great to see this!


  2. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures, they bring back some memories. I remember those scenes vividly, because I grew up in Kakuma Refugee Camp. I remember seeing the planes fly over the camp and always wished to be fly in an airplane. When me and my family got resettlement in America (10x to U.S. & all the NGOs), my dreams of flying in an airplane were fulfilled. Oh, boy! those were some scary planes-- like roller coasters. Anyway, I appreciate you for sharing the pictures.