Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year New Perspectives

This year I decided to change the nature of the my blog...the previous one never really got going because I think what I was trying to say was just all over the place. Most of the Kenyan blogs are political or have have political inclinations, or have a 'development' mindset and these thoughts are just all over. I therefore could not really find anything to say, either because everybody is saying the same thing, or everybody wants to talk and not listen. This year I want to engage more on my reflections, on anything. I am not going to be trying to get anybody to read or listen to me, but rather I intend to be doing more of listening to others and talking to myself...okay, maybe this does not make sense but who cares? I feel I need to talk to myself more about my work, my family, my friendships, frustrations etc...instead of this notion of badilisha Kenya, more about badilisha Myself. Then I will perhaps write more regularly...

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  1. Hey Charles - sounds like a great idea and a great approach for a blog. I'll put you in my google reader! Happy belated 2010! Paulette