Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wanted: A Brave Man for some Brave Deeds

Kenya is looking for a brave man who can shake up things and do what is needed towards setting our nation on the right track towards a more just society. The problem with our current leaders is that they lack the bravery to take action and upset the current order of things. The reason is that they actually owe their existence to this order and must pay their due by maintaining status quo. Kibaki and Raila have shown their weaknesses when it comes to making these key decisions. Initially there was the dithering in implementing the Waki report. I am sure a whole can of worms might open once some important people are put on trial but we need to be brave enough to face what might happen. In my view, it is better to deal with this, even though it might swallow us, and put an end to that chapter once and for all.

One of the most ridiculous things I read this week was that the PSC on reforms passed over Koki Muli's name for the position of chairperson of the Interim Election body because the predecessor was from the same community as her. I am not saying she should have had the job but surely, can this be the justification to pass over someone for appointment if he/she is the best qualified? We need leaders who can make such brave yet simple choices!

Yesterday the UN guy released his report on extra-judicial police killings. In his report he recommended the sacking of the Police Commissioner and the AG. Again, a decision like that is going to be too much for Kibaki and yet this offers us a perfect chance to reform the police force and the judiciary. The current lot of leaders are too afraid to shake things up, and using the excuse of ethnicity to cover up their cowardice!!


  1. I think brave men keep away from the leadership of this country

  2. The brave men don't keep away, but if they showed up they would be chased and humiliated by the same people who called upon them for an intervention.

    That's just us.

  3. Wanted what? Brave man here in Kenya ? It’s hard to accept but unfortunately brave man is “out of stock” in the Kenyan political market.

    Brave men don’t keep a way when necessity arises( like our current situation) for them to lead and they can’t be chased or humiliated by the people or the government. Why they don’t show up is, simply, we don’t have them yet, not now.

    All we have are greedy leaders( men and women) who pretend to be brave men/women when they are fighting for their share of the loot “ the national cake”.

  4. Thanks guys for the comment but when we really think about, what happens to people like Mutava Musyimi who stood up against the Moi machinery when they get to parliament? I had respect for the guy but since he went to parliament, he has never spoken on any issue of national importance!! Are we to assume that any reasonable chap we elect to parliament will end up the same? I think even Wangari Maathai was lucky to get out of Parliament as she was slowly going down the same route...